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Commercial Burglar Alarms

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At Alamo Alarm Company, we understand the challenges that come with owning and operating your own business. It is more than likely, the largest investment that you can ever make, both financially and personally. One of the biggest decisions that you will ever make, is choosing the right security company to protect your lifetime investment. Every business and business owner, require a different level of desired protection. At Alamo Alarm Company, we custom design every burglar alarm and camera system to fit each business owners specific needs and budget.
Alamo Alarm Company is a local, family owned and operated company monitoring thousands of homes and businesses throughout the Central Valley and Greater Sacramento area. Our technicians and installers take extra care when working in your business. We like to treat every business as if it were our own. We will monitor your alarm system, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in our very own local Central Monitoring Station, by our highly trained dispatch operators.
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No analog phone line on site? No Problem! In fact, we have two solutions much more secure and reliable than a standard phone line.
Telephone lines over the past several decades, had been widely used to link alarm systems to the central station for signal transmission and the criminals know it! Now, burglars routinely cut the telephone lines to homes and businesses, even whole neighborhoods, before breaking in. Plus, the telephone system itself is susceptible to problems caused by weather, accidents, equipment failures and natural disasters. Not to mention the recent changes in phone services, like (VOIP) Voice over internet protocol which are not a reliable form of communication for alarm systems or any data transmission, most of the time preventing alarm signals from going through to the central station. Phone networks were not originally designed with security in mind. Any of these problems could prevent your important alarm messages from reaching the central station, police, fire, and emergency response personnel.
Several companies also use internet monitoring to monitor their alarm systems. We at Alamo Alarm Company do not offer internet monitoring, as we do not feel that it is a secure enough method of signal transmission for monitoring our customers. If the internet goes down, or during a power outage in which the router/modem is dead due to power loss, the burglar alarm, fire, and/or panic signals would not be able to report to the central monitoring station.
Both of our communication solutions use wireless transmission to send signals to our central monitoring station. One uses a GSM cellular transmission and the other transmits over our very own mesh radio network.
GSMX Closed - Residential in Lodi, CA
The GSM communicator transmits signals on the 4G network to our central monitoring station. These signals are transmitted in about half the time of normal phone lines. The GSM also adds the ability ... Read more
Total Connection - Residential in Lodi, CA
Did you forget to turn on your alarm when you left? No problem, log in on your phone and arm your alarm system.
AES Radio - Residential in Lodi, CA
The AES IntelliNet Radio system transmits signals over our own private radio mesh network back to our central monitoring station. No extra bells and whistles, just an extremely fast, secure, and ... Read more
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Commercial response sevice - Commercial in Lodi, CA

Alarm Response

Why leave the comfort of your home and/or send an employee out in the middle of the night to respond to the alarm at your business, when a highly trained Alamo Alarm response agent can respond for you?
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With more and more local police departments implementing a verified response policy, they will not respond to your commercial security alarm signals unless it has been verified as an actual break-in or burglary in progress. Our response agents can respond to the alarm signal for you to verify if it was an actual break-in or just a false alarm. Once on site, the responder does a perimeter check of your business, checking all accessible doors and windows to make sure nothing has been compromised or left unlocked or open. If there are no signs of forced entry and everything is locked and secure, the responder advises dispatch that everything is secure and vacates the premises. There would be no need to contact you and disrupt your evening, as the location was found to be secure. If requested we can call after each response just to give you a report of what was found. If it is determined that a break-in or attempted break-in has occurred, the responder immediately notifies our central monitoring station, who immediately dispatches the local police or sheriff’s department and then notifies you of the event. The responder then moves to a safe distance to observe and report, taking down any vehicle license plates and watching to see if anyone exits the property to be able to get a good description or possibly even take a picture.
Is Alarm Response Right for You?
  • Can’t be on site within 20 minutes to meet with police?
  • New to the area? Don’t know your neighbors? Work out of town?
  • Stop sending employees, friends or family members into a potentially dangerous situation.
  • Who will respond when you are on vacation?
  • Avoid phone calls in the middle of the night.
  • Avoid paying Police Department false alarm fines.
  • Avoid having to pay overtime to employees responding to alarm signals.
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