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Types of Security - Remote services in Lodi, CA
Honeywell Total Connect 2.0
Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 works to control your Alamo Alarm security system, giving you complete control of your system anywhere that you have internet service. At home, at work, on vacation, we've got you covered. Control your home security alarm system, door locks, lights, and even the thermostat from your smart device, laptop, or desk computer.
“Security in the Palm of your Hand!”
Arm & Disarm Security - Remote services in Lodi, CA
Arm & Disarm Your Security System with Your Phone!
Complete remote control of your security alarm system from your smart device, or computer using the Honeywell Total Connect log in or App. Remotely arm, disarm, or check the status of your security ... Read more
Remote Turning Off lights - Remote services in Lodi, CA
Receive Real-Time Alert Notifications
“Stay in the Know, Wherever you go”
You can custom program your system to send you text messages, emails, or even video alerts of important events happening in your home. Receive a text or email when your child arrives home from school ... Read more
Lock and  unlocking doors using phone - Remote services in Lodi, CA
Turn On and Off Lights
Custom program your system to turn on and off select interior and exterior lights. This can be done via your smart device, scheduled times, or upon other events like arming or disarming. Using ... Read more
kwikset - Remote services in Lodi, CA
Android Video Residential - Remote services in Lodi, CA- Remote services in Lodi, CA
Lock and Unlock Doors
Unlock your home’s true potential. Control your Z-Wave door locks from your smart device or computer. Did your kids forget their keys again? Unlock the door for them without having to leave work. ... Read more
Checking temperature in phone - Remote services in Lodi, CA
Thermostat - Remote services in Lodi, CA
Control your Thermostat
Control your Z-Wave enabled thermostat manually, remotely, or assign schedules or scenes. You can design customized scenes or schedules for comfort and to save on that energy bill. When you are ... Read more
Video check in Ipad - Remote services in Lodi, CA
Real-Time Video Look-in Cameras with Alerts
View live video of your home from your smart device anywhere that you have internet access. Keep an eye on your children or pets when you’re away. Can be used with elder care packages to pop in and ... Read more
Control system - Remote services in Lodi, CA
Scenes and Schedules
Creating scenes and schedules can enhance your lifestyle and help you save money and energy without any change to your daily routine. Set a schedule to turn lights on and off at various times to make ... Read more

Alamo Video Witness

“Real-Time Verified Video Monitoring”
Alamo Alarm Company has partnered with a leading manufacturer in video verification in order to be able to provide our customers with the latest and greatest video verification technology which we call “Alamo Video Witness”. We are now able to receive pre-alarm video clips in our central station when receiving burglar alarm signals. Our highly trained dispatchers are able to see what caused the alarm and take immediate action. This can reduce dispatch times by minutes, resulting in a higher capture rate. Instead of just scaring off the burglar, our goal is to assist police in apprehending the criminals. Alamo Video Witness can also help in reducing false alarm fines and unnecessary or potentially dangerous trips to your home or business to check on what could be just a false alarm.
“No More Blind Alarms”
Alamo Video Witness is the pairing of your Alamo Alarm security system with video clips of what caused the alarm. Video helps remove the guessing games of what caused the system to go into alarm, which allows for quick and direct police dispatch.
When your alarm is activated, an operator receives your alarm signals as well as video from the alarm event. The operator can view your premise during the alarm and review a video clip of what caused the alarm. Simultaneously you can receive the same alarm information and video from the event via text message or email. Additionally, there is a button for you to call the central station to confirm or cancel the alarm if you choose to.
Residential Video Witness - Remote services in Lodi, CA
Video Witness Brochure - Remote services in Lodi, CA
Now you and the operator can know what caused the alarm.
  • Our dispatch operators see what triggered your alarm system.
  • Decreased dispatch and response times with real-time verification.
  • Reduce false alarm fines.
  • Know what's happening at your home or business when you're away.
  • Receive video clips on your smart phone via email or text message.
  • Save Money, Time, and Energy by not responding to false alarms.